experimental save load chunks

Apr 18, 2011 at 4:24 AM

It s active in the last commit, really experimental and I did not have the time to profile. Only saves the blocktype, one chunk for one file in c:\techcraft .

My idea was to have all the saving and loading done transparently in a specialized dictionary structure ( chunkmanager) , by overriding the accessor/index this[x,z] and remove method.

The remove method works fine to save the chunk to disk, but the loading was not working because when we generate a chunk we have other things to to do, wich are done in the generate method. So I commented  the chunkmanager loading, and I did put the loading in the generate method.

Maybe the list of chunkrender in worldrender is getting in the way and we should rework this part.

I did not work on the N S E W chunks, maybe tomorrow if noone else beats me to it.